‘Haines pulls together an accessible and friendly narrative with fantastic high-level academic footnotes. He takes us past some body-brain-mind confusion to provide understanding of the working of anxiety in the person.’

Dr David O’Flynn, Consultant Psychiatrist, South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

This science-based graphic guide reveals just how strange anxiety is.

By knowing that anxiety is a protective feeling generated in the nervous system, and understanding our fight-or-flight reflexes, we can lessen the fear experienced during anxiety attacks.

Anxiety is explained in an easy-to-understand, engaging graphic format with tips and strategies to relieve its symptoms.

Learn how to feel in order to create a more positive outlook.

‘For many of us, anxiety and fear are daily visitors to the mind and body – in this brilliant book, steve haines gives us freeing tools to unmask these feelings… what he offers is apparently simple yet full of depth’

Johnathan Sattin, Managing Director, Triyoga

‘With great erudition and wit Steve manages to condense philosophical thought, neurological research and psychological thinking into a fabulous tool for re-conceptualising are experience of this bane of modern life – anxiety. Psychoanalysts and others working with people experiencing anxiety will benefit from reflecting on this book and sharing it with their patients.’

Dr Peter Nevins, Psychoanalyst and Director of Islington Mind

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