Trauma Is Really Strange

Learn how anxiety works and how to re-frame difficult feelings.

What is trauma? How does it change the way our brains work? And how can we overcome it?

When something traumatic happens to us, we dissociate and our bodies shut down their normal processes. This unique comic explains the strange nature of trauma and how it confuses the brain and affects the body. With wonderful artwork, cat and mouse metaphors, essential scientific facts, and a healthy dose of wit, the narrator reveals how trauma resolution involves changing the body’s physiology and describes techniques that can achieve this, including Trauma Releasing Exercises that allow the body to shake away tension, safely releasing deep muscular patterns of stress and trauma.

‘Haines pulls together an accessible and friendly narrative with fantastic high-level academic footnotes. He takes us past some body-brain-mind confusion to provide understanding of the working of anxiety in the person.

’” Dr David O’Flynn, Consultant Psychiatrist, South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust


‘For many of us, anxiety and fear are daily visitors to the mind and body – in this brilliant book, steve haines gives us freeing tools to unmask these feelings… what he offers is apparently simple yet full of depth’.’

Johnathan Sattin, Managing Director, Triyoga