BC Galway 2024 for Tutors

Tutors: You can do everything in the App*

In the table App Access for Tutors, you can View or Update the overview of all the students in one place without going into the App. In the table, click the link BC App Share Link to directly access the App for a specific student.

When in the App and you can View, Add or Update all records for a student. You see exactly what the student sees, you can access the homestudy they have uploaded, and you can quickly add to and update the student progress. Super Cool.  When in the App, navigate using the tabs on the left, click on summary cards to see detailed entries. You will see a buttons to 'Add' or 'Edit'.

Update on the go - the App works well on a smartphone.

* Except Headline Comments Not Seen By Student can only be viewed and edited in App Access for Tutors table

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App Quicklinks

These are dynamic links that give overviews of all the students. Its the same data as the App but the App Quicklinks make it easy to compare and get an overview (NB You cannot edit the data in the App Quicklinks views)

App Forms

You can use the forms below to directly enter data about a student into the App database without going into the App in the normal way.

2024-02-26 The App Access table has been updated to give access to student data on the Body College App for the tutors. It is now a display table only. You can no longer edit data inline and it does not display homestudy and attendance summaries.

Similarly, the Course Tracker table below is now display only. Tutors can no longer edit data inline, please submit Course Tracker information via email to Steve at end of seminar and it will be added in direct to the database.

Marking Homestudy

BC App Upload Homestudy Students - Submitting Homestudy

Here is a new short video on submitting homestudy. The App is working well, but too many people are uploading multiple word documents, either in one Section (eg 5.1) or multiple Sections (5.1, 5.2. 5.3 etc). Please do not do this - it makes it much more time consuming for tutors to mark the homestudy.

If you do not like typing in the individual sections in the App then you can write up all your work in one word document and upload that one document as an attachment. Or, once everything is written you can copy and paste from the word document directly into the App. The boxes can hold lots of data.

Otherwise just type into the relevant sections on App. If you have a word document for each Section of the homestudy, copy and paste the text into each relevant Section on the App. The tutors would really appreciate not having to open multiple word documents, thanks for you help in this.

BC Marking Homestudy

Here is a new short video on marking homestudy for tutors in the App.

'CAPS LOCK' and 'cut and paste' are your friends here.....

Steve 20 Jun 2022

Marking the homestudy as complete

The App Access for Tutors table allows tutors to edit attendance and homestudy and headline comments
Please make sure to update the columns Sem # HS Complete?  There are 3 ways you can do this:
Option #1 Within the App - make sure all Homestudy Elements you read are marked as ‘Complete’, the App will calculate when the correct total of ‘Complete's' is achieved,
Option #2 Within the App - on any Homestudy Element there is a short cut; you can select ‘All Sem Homestudy Complete’ instead of just ‘Complete’. This side steps the calculation and will update the database for all homestudy for that seminar. 
Option #3 App Access for Tutors - select the option on HS Complete and this updates the App in the background so you don't need to do Option #1 or #2

Resources for Tutors


This dropbox is meant to be a library of resources for the Body College tutors. Dropbox is a shared file system so please don’t drag any of the files off to your own desktop or hard disk or delete any files. If you do this they will disappear for everyone. The best way is to copy the file you want to use on to your hard drive. You would need to do this if you want to modify the presentation and add some of your own images or styles or videos.


The Manuals are being updated continuously, pdfs of the latest versions will always be on the dropbox.


Think of the resources sections as a library to share resources between Body College tutors. You can upload any images, videos, presentations or articles you think would be useful for other tutors. Please put them in the folder marked ‘Resources’ under the relevant seminar.

NB There are significant resources on Body College BCST Online Toolkits:

At anytime (inc your first time) you can go direct to the login page, https://bit.ly/bc-thinkific-bcst enter the email on record with Body College and click 'Forgot Password?' to create a new password (NB Do not click 'Create a new account').

Slide Shows

There are lots of slides shows from Steve that can be used for presentations. The slide shows generally have far too many images to show during a lecture. It is best to curate the images, create your own slide shows and use the ‘less is more’ principle to communicate your core ideas.

Tutor Guides

The aim of the tutor guides is to outline useful tools, tips and tricks when teaching. Consult the tutor guides for more detail on the central themes of the seminars and options for exercises and meditations when teaching.

Steve 05 May 2022