TRE in Grazia – 7th Jan 2019

Shake It Off

Giving totally new meaning to the term ‘loosen up’ comes Trauma Release Exercise (TRE), a set of simple movements that are used to trigger the natural tremor mechanism or ‘shakes’ in the body. ‘Using a simple set of seven exercises, we teach people how to switch on their tremors, pay attention to the feelings generated by these tremors and, also, how to stop them’, says Steve Haines, an expert in the therapy.

These shakes are akin to a nervous system reboot because, due to daily stresses and traumas (and those that are more deep-seated), our brain defaults to old, habitual and protective patterns that make us tense, frozen and ready for fight-or-flight; TRE is a way to release tension and the emotions that cause it in the first place.

‘There is a growing understanding of trauma, says Steve. ‘Whether that’s someone who’s suffered from post-traumatic stress or the huge number of people who live in pain or anxiety. Shaking helps people to reconnect to themselves and the world around them.