TRE Module 2, 5-6 Aug 2020, Steve Haines


Online TRE Module 2 (2 Days): Teaching TRE® to Individuals

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Online TRE Module 2 (2 days)

  • Title: Teaching TRE® to Individuals
  • Trainer: Steve Haines
  • Date: 5-6 Aug 2020, 9.30-5.30pm
  • Cost: £220 Early Bird 1 month before, £250 Full Price

Learn how to safely teach the TRE to individuals. Deepen your understanding and application of polyvagal theory. Learn how to create safety for people to meet their bodies.

Learning outcomes

  • Knowledge of polyvagal theory and the importance of safety
  • Skills to identify defense cascades as they relate to TRE
  • Ability to use containment and grounding strategies for others
  • Ability to safely teach the core seven exercises to individuals
  • Practice of explaining; TRE theory, grounding and self-regulation


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