Highly Commended

Anxiety Is Really Strange, BMA Medical Book Awards 2018, Popular Medicine

Short, science-based, graphic books that explore the tricky business of feeling in relationship to Anxiety, Pain and Trauma.

You can purchase the all english language Really Strange books by following these links:

Singing Dragon UK, Europe, and all countries excluding the USA, Canada, and Australia/New Zealand: https://uk.singingdragon.com/ (new site launched)
Singing Dragon USA: https://intl.singingdragon.com/usa/ (new site launching January 2021)
Singing Dragon Canada: https://intl.singingdragon.com/can/ (new site launching January 2021)
Singing Dragon Australia/New Zealand: https://intl.singingdragon.com/aus/ (new site launching January 2021)

The books are also easily available via Amazon.

You can purchase the foreign language Really Strange books by following these links:

French http://bit.ly/isreallystrange-french  Éditions ça et là
Pain, Trauma and Anxiety books 

German http://bit.ly/isreallystrange-german  Carl Auer Verlag
Pain, Trauma and Anxiety books

Korean http://bit.ly/isreallystrange-korean  Green Knowledge
Pain and Trauma in one volume

Chinese www.bookrep.com.tw  Taiwanese retailer Book Rep

Anxiety Is Really Strange

Learn how anxiety works and how to reframe difficult feelings

Pain Is Really Strange

Learn how pain is a protective feeling, not an accurate guide to the state of your tissues

Trauma Is Really Strange

Learn how to shake to release tension and feel more connected

Steve Haines has been a bodyworker for over 20 years. He is the author of the award winning ‘Anxiety Is Really Strange’, part of a series of graphic books that include ‘Pain Is Really Strange’ and ‘Trauma Is Really Strange’. Understanding the science of pain and trauma has transformed his approach to healing. He has studied Yoga, Shiatsu, Craniosacral Therapy, and Trauma Releasing Exercises TRE®. He is a UK registered Chiropractor and teaches TRE and Cranial all over the world. His treatments now use education, embodied awareness, and light touch to help people move more freely and be more present. Steve lives and works between London and Geneva. www.bodycollege.net