BC Students: Book Clinic Sessions

Check availability and book now. There are 2 rooms running, check availability in each room on the half days you want to work in the clinic.

FAQ for Students - Overview; Who can treat; Supervision from tutor


Body College London will be running a Low Cost Clinic from Jan 2023. The clinics will run most Monday mornings from HQ Therapy Haggerston, Dalston 

Book your half day in the clinic now https://bodycollege.net/lcc/ password: lcc

The Low Cost Clinic is a great opportunity to treat paying clients under supervision from a tutor. You will be provided with a supportive environment in which you can develop your treatment skills and confidence. We get very positive feedback from the students who attend student clinics. 

  • After Sem 6 you can book as dates listed as you like. They will be open on a first come first served basis. Except:
    • Students coming from long distances are given first priority for clinic days immediately before or after a seminar. Please check with Steve [email protected] if you are local before booking pre and post a seminar.
  • A half day in the clinic costs £60 per student.
  • The clinic is a chance to model professional practice. There will be a maximum of 4 treatments in a half day session. There will be a short debrief after the last session.

Who can treat in the Low Cost Clinic?

Current students and recent graduates can attend the Low Cost Clinic (hereafter referred to simply as ‘students’)

Current students need to have completed at least Seminar 5 of the training. In addition, students need to be cleared by the tutor team to be skilled enough to work in the clinics. 

Landmarks used to assess skills and readiness to work in the clinic include, but are not limited to; completed homestudy, completed attendance, completed feedbacks.

What is the nature of the supervision from the tutor?

Students will be expected to be able work on their own with clients, take a short case history and make notes on the session. 

Contact with the tutor can take a number of forms depending on the balance of tutors, students and clients on any given clinic day. Any contact in the clinic is classed as supervision. Supervision may take the following forms: 

  • The minimum amount of supervision maybe discussion at set up, debrief in break and debrief at end of the clinic. The student treats on their own for up to 4 treatments. 
  • Supervision may be witnessing the tutor give the session with no hands on contact from the student.
  • Supervision may include hands on at the same time as the tutor with the tutor leading the whole or part of the session.
  • Supervision may include the tutor moving in and out of the room. The tutor may check in verbally or with hands on for parts of the session time. 


FAQ for Students - What is expected; Client notes; Attendance

What is expected of me during treatments?

Any dialogue should include the client and the words you use should be carefully chosen and non judgemental. It’s important that the client isn’t alienated or worried by your language. Try to avoid esoteric cranial-speak and use easily understood simple terms.

Practically you have 45 mins with your client in which you need to verbally greet them, treat them, bring the session to a close and record your notes. You should aim for hands on time to be no longer than 30-35mins. Keeping time is important for the smooth running of the clinic.

Pacing of the treatment is an important skill to learn from both a client process and a session time perspective.

The clinic is a biodynamic craniosacral therapy clinic. It is important that you do not use other therapeutic skills in the treating of clients in the clinic even though you may be qualified in these areas. In order to create clarity we would ask you to refer clients on for such treatments.

How do I access client notes?

There is an online system for making notes. You are advised to bring in your computer or phone to access the notes. There is no paper system.

https://bodycollege.net/lcc/ password: lcc

On the above page you can login in to Low Cost Clinic: Client Notes database, password: Client

You are expected to complete a short write up of the session in the client database before you leave the clinic. The notes system is intuitive and easy to use.

Please make sure you include any changes that took place after the last treatment and a description of what happened during the session in simple terms.

What happens if I can’t attend?

Payments are made online, in advance. Once you book and pay you are committed to turning up on time and being ready to practice. There are no refunds or cancellation options once booked.

You are expected to organise cover if you cannot make the session, please organise the cover before you contact the Low Cost Clinic admin. The tutor team will not be organising students swapping around clinic days.

Any changes in student attendance is done by you and your fellow students using the online booking system. We need you to model professional practice and turn up for your clients. No shows are incredibly disappointing.

FAQ for Students - Treatment times; Booking clients; Check who is booked; Quiet clinic

What are the treatment times?

All sessions start at 30 mins past the hour. Clients can book ’45 Min Session’ or ’60 Min Session (First Time)’. Clients can only book ’60 Min Session (First Time)’ at 8:30 or 10:30. The first session always starts at 8:30, there is a break 10:15 to 10:30, the last session always finishes at 12:15.

  • Set up: 8:00 to 8:30
  • Session 1: 8:30 to 9:15 (or 8:30 to 9:30 if ’60 Min Session’)
  • Session 2: 9:30 to 10:15
  • Break: 10:15 to 10:30
  • Session 3: 10:30 to 11:15 (or 10:30 to 11:30 if ’60 Min Session’)
  • Session 4: 11:30 to 12:15
  • Debrief/ Set down: 12:15 to 12:55

It is up to you to make the room ready and prepare yourself to start on time and generate clients. We suggest you arrive at least 30 minutes before your first client is due to arrive.

We allow time for a short debrief, finishing up of clients records and set down of the clinic. It is essential that the rooms are clear and tables tidied away by 12:55pm.

Can I book in my own clients?

The clinic is new and it may take time to get a regular client base. We recommend booking in 2 of your own clients to guarantee at least 2 clients on the day. The first 2 clients you bring to the clinic can be offered as free sessions – use the option ’45 Min Session: Free (Invite Only)’.

Step 1: Book a half day in the clinic. Note whether you are booked as Room 6 or Room 9.

Step 2: Book your clients into the room you have been assigned on the half day you are working. If your clients book their sessions themselves, they need to select your room to ensure they will get a session from you.

Can I see who is booked in and who the tutors are?

There is a password protected page for students working in the clinic. On the page you can see a diary listing of the clients, students and tutors booked into the clinic.

https://bodycollege.net/lcc/ password: lcc

The rooms allocated to tutors and students and clients are a rough guide only. The tutor (or tutors) will decide on the day which student works with which clients and which tutor works with which client.

It is not possible for students to book working with a particular tutor or for regular clients to guarantee which student they work with (except for clients booked directly by the student, as above).

What happens if the Low Cost Clinic is quiet? 

Our goal is to get you at least 2 clients per a half day session. However in case there are no clients booked or there are client cancellations on the day the below applies:

  • If you do not manage to book in two clients, and the clinic advertising does not bring in clients, you will get two hours of supervision with a tutor in return for the payment of £60.
  • There will be at least one tutor working in the clinic. Ideally there will be two students working on two tables with a total of 8 treatments given. The tutor will allow the students to work independently according to their skills. 
  • It may be there is one tutor and one student. If so the tutor contact may be limited as the tutor works on one table whilst the student runs the other table. The priority of the clinic is providing low cost excellent treatments to members of the public. 
  • The tutors will be from the pool of Body College Tutors. 

What about insurance?

The teaching clinic expects you to take out student insurance through CSTA or any equivalent scheme. Please provide a copy of your certificate to the clinic.


Treatment Notes: Method 1

  • Use the links below to add new clients, add new treatment notes and view existing notes.
  • You cannot edit old treatment notes with Method 1
  • View Treatments - Click on small blue arrows at far left of the row for expanded view.

New 30 Jan 2024

  • Unfortunately Method 2, where you can edit inline on a grid, no longer works. The software I used to interact with the database went through an upgrade and I cannot figure out how to recreate the old system. Very frustrating.
  • You can add clients and sessions using Method 1. You can view all the clients history, but not edit or add records, in the table below.

Venue Details

HQ Therapy Haggerston, Rooms 6 and 9, 322C Kingsland Rd, Hackney, London E8 4DE


Front Door: Keypad Access

Put 4 fingers flat on the keypad until the numbers show

Type in your door code: 581673*

Turn the doorknob to the right. If the door remains locked it will mean that you are the first to arrive and you will need to use the Yale key to open the door. Please bring this key with you every time. (For tutors early in the morning the key is in key safe, code is listed on tutor page)

Internal Door Codes: Body College LCC is HQ North Room 6 or 9

HQ North Rooms 6-10: C3570Z - turn the handle to the right

(HQ South Rooms 1-5:  C4678Z - turn the handle to the right)

Door Entry for Clients Room 6 or Room 9

Message to clients: When you arrive please press the buzzer for Room #. We will buzz you in. (N.B. If you are early and the therapist is treating it may take a minute to answer.) Please take a seat on the chairs or sofa in the hall and your therapist will collect you when ready.

The booking system will instructs the clients the buzz the room number they are booked into. There is an entry phone in each room. You need to be in the row before the client is due to make sure you hear the buzzer if they are early. Please direct the client to push the door and take a seat in the waiting room.

When you collect the client make sure you know the code to get back into HQ North. NB The toilets are through the kitchen and can be used by the clients.

Wifi Information

5GHZ SSID Router: HQ Therapy Rooms