At the beginning of 2022, more than 400,000 children and young people were being treated or waiting to be treated for mental health problems in England – the highest number on record.

So I’m pleased that my book, Anxiety is Really Strange was included in a new ‘Reading Well for Teens’ collection in public libraries in England and Wales on World Mental Health Day last week.

I had the opportunity to chat recently with Natasha Devon, MBE who is a writer, presenter, and activist as well as an ambassador for the Reading Well for Teens programme.

We spoke about:

• Natasha’s personal journey with panic disorder
• The toxic messages that teens receive from not only the beauty industry, but also the wellness, nutrition and fitness worlds.
• The Reading Well for Teens list which features 27 books and a range of supporting digital resources covering topics including wellbeing, anxiety, depression, body image, neurodiversity, bereavement, life experiences, sexuality and gender identity.

Natasha is an eloquent and fun speaker. Her passion for supporting mental health and diversity in teens comes through very clearly. She talks about her new novel Toxic and, essentially, how we all need a bit of David Bowie.

You can listen to our conversation here:

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