My journey to becoming a bodyworker started with the study of Zen and Shiatsu. Zen opened up a whole new worldview for me and immersed me in a rich tapestry of philosophies and new ways of approaching the world, birthing a fascination with the idea of ‘non-doing’.

Now, as a bodyworker, and as someone who teaches the art of touch, the term ‘non-doing touch’ is one of my favourite ways to talk about craniosacral work. One of the things that makes cranial work so attractive to me is that the less you do the more that seems to happen.

In lockdown I enjoyed revisiting non-doing as I put together my Touch is Really Strange book – a distillation of decades of experience as a bodyworker. The deep study and exploration I undertook to write this book has since informed my new biodynamic craniosacral training – The Art of Touch. 

(We’re a couple of months into the 2-year programme and the feedback has been excellent so far. If you’d like to join the next cohort, you can apply here).  

In a recent podcast, I explored many of the core principles we work with in The Art of Touch, including Taoist and Zen models of non doing and modern research into flow states.

You can listen here: Non Doing in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy – Steve Haines (scroll down to podcast #8)

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